Newark Manor
A tradition of Caring, Commitment, & Compassion
Our Vision
Newark Manor offers:
Founded over 44 years ago, and still privately owned and operated, Newark Manor is fully accredited and licensed by the state of Delaware as an Intermediate Care Nursing Home.

We devote careful attention to the specific and individual needs of our guests.  After all, our residents don't live in our facility -
we work in their home...
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 At Newark Manor Nursing Home, we believe in the importance of dignity and the strength of the human spirit - at any age, and any capability.

We also believe in knowing what you're paying for. 
Our rates are nearly all-inclusive, which means that you won't get "nickle & dimed" each month, when resources are precious.

We also believe in "aging in place".  
As a resident's need for assistance increases, we have a plan to keep them safe and well-cared for, often without the need to move to another home.
When help is needed,
           it's important to make a decision
                that you can feel good about...